I believe food and nutrition should be easy. Food should be enjoyable as it is nutritious, and you can eat delicious food without sacrificing your health! When it comes to nutrition and wellness, there is no “one diet fits all.” Using my own personal experience and expertise, I approach every client individually, providing guidance and support as you start your own health and wellness journey.

Eating healthy foods, being active, and living in balance is the core of my philosophy. I believe that small changes over time amount to substantial lifelong changes. While using medical nutritional therapy as the backbone of my practice, I apply evidence-based research and goal-oriented advice to help steer my clients to ultimately become their happiest and best selves. Through my personalized non-diet approach, my role as your guide is to empower you to make the best food choices so you can achieve your specific health-related goals and eat delicious food without sacrificing your health.

My approach to nutrition is individualized and catered to your unique needs. I create flexible and realistic strategies while providing you personalized guidance for what your body needs. Fad or quick fix diets don’t work, and never will, because they are not sustainable long term. Balance and consistency are key…like the saying goes, everything in moderation!

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My personal 65-pound weight loss journey ignited my passion for health and wellness which allowed me to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. After seeking answers to my ailments, I became fascinated with the remarkable healing properties of food and nutrition and knew that I wanted to help people in a similar way.

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Take control of your own health with personalized nutrition services tailored to your unique needs. Choose from my multiple services including individualized nutrition counseling, meal plans, cooking demos, grocery store tours, pantry makeovers, recipe development, corporate lunch and learn presentations, and more!

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