My 65 Pound Weight Loss Journey: Part 1 - A Journey Beyond the Scale

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Welcome to The Mindful Nutritionist Show! In our first episode, I’m so excited to share Part 1 of My 65 Pound Weight Loss Journey. We’ll dive deep into how my journey started with diet culture. I’ll take you through the raw and honest tale of my battle from 9 years old with my weight, from the alarming wake-up call of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and pre-diabetes diagnosis to the empowering steps I took towards a healthier, more balanced life. The magic happened when I started working with my nutritionist and successfully lost 65 pounds over 1.5 years all thanks to Mindful Eating. Whether you’ve battled with dieting, weight loss, or body image, this episode is a testament that change is possible for you. I know my story will resonate with you because even though we all have different experiences, we all connect on wanting to feel best in our bodies and heal our relationship with food. Stay tuned for more sustainable weight loss tips because I’m just getting started! In the meantime, enjoy learning more about where my entire mindful eating journey started and how you can get started too!



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In this episode we cover:

00:00 Clients wanted “nuggets of Jackie” in ear and started podcast despite fear.
03:28 Mindful eating leads to sustainable weight loss.
07:55 Started dieting with weight watchers at 12.
11:46 Doctor’s wake-up call led to lifestyle change at 16.
13:55 Struggled with emotional eating, leading to weight gain.
19:58 Shifted approach to weight through mindful eating approach.
22:55 Improved food choices led to feeling empowered and healthier.
25:13 Struggle between finishing food and understanding mindful eating.
28:25 Running and mindful eating in Italy.
33:39 Sustainable weight loss through mindful eating.
34:50 Ditch diet culture, embrace sustainable weight loss.

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