Empowered Over 40: Unleashing Your Best Self Through Fitness With Kim Schlag

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Are you sick of hearing that you can’t lose weight after 40? Meet Kim Schlag, the living proof that this belief is completely false! In this episode, Kim, a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, shares how she transformed her health and fitness AFTER she hit 40. Now, she’s on a mission to help women shed pounds while embracing empowerment in their own bodies. Discover the secrets to achieving a healthy calorie deficit, embrace the transformative power of habit-based weight loss, shatter age-related myths about metabolism, understand the influence of hormones during perimenopause and menopause, and learn how strength training and muscle building can be your allies on your journey. Kim’s story is a testament to the possibilities beyond 40. I’m excited for you to experience so many unlocks so you can have the same empowerment on your health journey too.



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In this episode we cover:

01:52 In my 40s, I learned and transformed my lifestyle.
05:16 Realized I was eating too many calories.
08:57 Skipping fall festival food for calorie control.
11:16 Approach weight loss with permanent, healthy habits.
13:13 Building habits for lifelong physical activity is essential.
16:14 Overcoming hurdles to achieve desired personal transformation.
22:07 Estrogen decline shifts fat to midsection in perimenopause.
23:30 Strength training important for women in their 40s-50s.
27:18 Focus on emotions, not just scale numbers.
29:21 Focus on overall health, not just weight.
34:59 Focusing on strength gains helps accept body.
37:44 Exercise at home is an option. Trainer recommended.
40:02 Focus on form, not speed; be intentional.
43:55 Eating more intentionally and fewer late-night calories.
46:37 Aging brings wisdom, tried to like running.
48:56 Reclaiming running after taking time off.

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