Surviving Addiction, Menopause, and Weight Loss with Beth Wilkis Farako

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Welcome back to the TMN Show! Today I’m bringing you a truly inspiring episode. I had the pleasure of talking to the remarkable Beth Wilkas Feraco, a health and wellness coach with an extraordinary personal journey to share. From her early days, grappling with body shaming and body image issues that stemmed from those closest to her, Beth dives into the profound effects of these experiences on her relationship with food, exercise, alcohol addiction, and self-perception. Despite living under the magnified pressures of LA’s beauty standards, Beth’s story is one of transformation and resilience. Together, Beth and I are debunking fear-based nutrition information we all have seen on the internet and the importance of being educated about what we consume—without the scare tactics. You don’t wanna miss this heart-to-heart. Let’s get into it!



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In this episode we cover:

00:00 Beth Wilkis Farako, health coach and advocate.
04:25 How tragic events lead to drinking and postpartum.
07:14 Struggled with alcoholism and eating disorders, now sober.
15:20 The struggle with perfectionism and societal validation.
18:04 2024 as the year of social change.
22:54 Walking, strength training, and adding more nutrition.
28:04 Weight scale’s impact on self-worth realization.
31:04 Struggled with body image and extreme dieting.
37:54 Each choice shapes your life’s direction.
40:33 Choose a different life, despite struggle.

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