Handling The Hard Parts Of Weight Loss

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Ever feel like you’re constantly hitting bumps on the road and taking twists, turns, and detours on your weight loss journey? Well, you’re not alone. In today’s heart-to-heart, I’m breaking down why it’s important to take one step forward and two steps backward, and how those backward steps can actually help you leap farther than you thought in your health and weight loss journey.


I’ll share my three most important tips to embrace and normalize the hard parts of weight loss and how to see them as opportunities for success and personal growth. I know you’ve struggled at some point on your weight loss journey, and I’m here to show you exactly how to stay motivated and overcome it. Let’s embrace your setbacks and turn them into your successes!



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In this episode we cover:

06:12 A reflection and learning behind my setbacks
08:10 Overcoming eating disorder and finding recovery
11:29 A thriving career and ongoing growth
14:06 Facing loss led to unexpected blessings
22:11 Trust in purpose, faith in self, overcoming challenges
25:58 Struggling to carry
28:00 Learning from my experiences

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