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Are you tired of the constant cycle of starting and stopping on your journey to lose weight, get fit, and heal your relationship with food? In this inspiring episode, I’m joined by Brianna Connel, an online health and fitness expert with an incredible journey that’s going to inspire you. From bodybuilding to discovering true food freedom and building unshakable body confidence, she’s here to show you how you can get there too.


Together, we explore how to break the cycle of self-negotiation, shift your focus from comparison to personal progress, set achievable and healthy goals, measure success from within, and prioritize your mental well-being for lasting success. This conversation is your key to ending the habit of canceling on yourself and finally reaching your health and fitness goals…for the last time.



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In this episode we cover:

01:52 Prioritizing health and fitness with a balanced approach.
05:08 Strict diet and intense workouts for competition.
06:11 Instagram following led to fitting macros discovery.
12:21 Navigating mindset crucial for achieving health goals.
14:37 Prioritize personal commitments and hold yourself accountable.
17:18 Prioritize fitness goals and honor your commitments.
23:00 Focusing on gain over gap transforms perspective.
26:41 Client seeks to stop pursuing weight loss.
28:17 Disregard external measurements of success, embrace progress.
31:05 Constantly striving for progress but struggling with satisfaction.
36:05 Mindset is crucial in health and fitness.
39:14 Inspiring, vulnerable story about embracing body confidence.

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