Balancing Self-Care and Food Freedom with Scout Sobel

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Ready to dive deep into the emotional journey of entrepreneurship, the power of self-care, and finding healing through spirituality? Our special guest, Scout Sobel, joins us to share her personal experiences with bipolar disorder, her path to recovery, and how she has utilized podcasting and entrepreneurship to find healing and purpose. Along with Scout, we’ll also explore the importance of journaling, meditation, and movement in maintaining mental clarity and setting intentions. Tune in as we uncover the transformative power of self-care, the challenges of running a business, and the profound impact of finding support and understanding in our personal lives. Get ready for an inspiring and enlightening conversation on how you can balance self care while finding food freedom too.



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In this episode we cover:

02:41 Childhood Reminiscences and Podcast Success
04:11 Interviewing incredible women led to career success.
09:18 Teen therapy lacked seriousness, college triggered psychosis.
10:07 “I’m losing control.”
13:27 Transformed healing through support groups and coaching.
17:41 Labels don’t bother me, but business does.
19:59 Clients question my availability, need boundaries.
23:55 “I deserve time for myself and support.”
28:58 Tiredness is a luxury I can’t afford.
32:51 Don’t overthink it. Just take action.

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