How Chantelle Lost 80 Pounds Without

Counting Calories

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In this episode, I sit down with my Mindful Weight Loss Academy graduate Chantelle to discuss how she’s lost 80 pounds without counting a single calorie, all while enjoying her favorite foods like cake and cookies! Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too never met Chantelle. She is a testament that you don’t have to put your life on hold to lose weight. Instead, you just have to become a mindful eater and start listening to your body. 


We discuss a common dilemma many face—how to lose weight without sacrificing the joys of eating and dive deep into Chantelle’s relatable experiences with yo-yo dieting and body dysmorphia. She also shares her strategic approach to sticking to her healthy habits like food journaling, celebrating her wins, how she learned to trust the process of making sustainable lifestyle changes alongside the specific mindset, and strategies she used to lose weight to get her ready for a healthy pregnancy. I hope you feel inspired by this episode about staying positive and focused on losing weight in a realistic way, one cookie at a time.



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In this episode we cover:

05:17 Investing in myself for a healthy pregnancy.

12:05 Struggling with overcoming body image pressure weight and seeking connection

16:30 Embracing her body through struggles with societal expectations.

20:00 Chantelle’s growth, confidence, and maturity through her coaching experience.

23:05 Losing 80 pounds, making decisions, and breaking diet culture.

29:32 Embracing mindset shift, body acceptance, and self-care.

32:37 A message about healthy habits for families.

38:01 Easy weight loss without counting calories.

43:35 Transformations through healthy living.

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