Overcoming Self Sabotage During Your Weight Loss Journey with Dr. Nikki

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Have you ever found your head filled with negative self-talk about food or your body that often lead to self-sabotage? If this is you, you’re going to LOVE today’s inspiring episode that will transform your life! We’re chatting with Dr. Nikki, a former coach turned writer and group coach, who shares how self-reflection and challenging our deep-seated thoughts (most likely from childhood) are key to reaching your personal, professional, and health goals. 


By the end of today’s episode, you’ll learn how manifesting can rewire your mindset, the undeniable connection between your thoughts and your health, how to face those challenging emotional eating patterns head-on, and embrace the “power of the pause” to become the healthiest version of you. 


I hope this episode helps you gain a renewed belief that you can overcome self-sabotage while losing weight and create some positive boundaries that support your mental and emotional health too. 




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In this episode we cover:

07:20 Seeking fulfillment over financial gain.

09:53 Long-term solutions over quick fixes.

14:30 Therapy and understanding mental patterns.

20:07 Mindfulness and self-listening amidst society’s influence.

26:40 Dangers of suppressing feelings.

31:25 Creating a positive identity through media influence.

32:28 Personal growth through balance and therapy. 

37:35 Choosing curiosity over judgement in tough situations. 

41:17 From corporate America to freedom. 

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