Why Working Out More Doesn’t Help You Lose Weight with Michael Ulloa

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Let me ask you something – have you ever seen something online about health, fitness, or nutrition that has you saying “WTF?!” and feeling more confused than before? Well, that’s exactly how I feel every single time I go on IG, and thank goodness my guest today is the type to speak the truth!


I’m talking to the one and only Michael Ulloa as he shares his path to personal success while prioritizing health and happiness without crazy fad diets. Michael reveals how a more flexible and lenient mindset in fitness and nutrition can help you reach your goals as opposed to a no-carb or macro/calorie tracking method (yuck)!


In this episode, he shares the importance of personalized nutrition, mindful eating, and breaks down complex workout routines for effective weight loss. Michael discusses your go-to steps to kickstart your fitness journey and the importance of avoiding comparisons with others for a healthier relationship with food and your body.


The best part? This episode is full of actionable tips and inspiration for anyone ready for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Plus, don’t forget to connect with Michael on Instagram for a dose of his entertaining and honest content, I promise you’ll LOVE it.




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In this episode we cover:

02:44 Transitioned from old school to diverse approach.
09:17 How do you handle the pressure of perfection?
12:42 Fitness industry mostly focused on weight loss.
17:13 Knowledge is power when teaching clients about wellness.
23:42 Success comes from a balanced approach to health.
30:12 Concerned about nutrition, exercise, and body image.
35:04 Avoiding mainstream fitness influencers for mental health.
42:23 Prioritizing mental well-being and flexibility over outcomes.
47:16 Enjoying simple moments with children, appreciating life.

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