Debunking Popular Nutrition Myths on Social Media with Elaina Efird

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Juice cleanses, 75 hard, Oatzempic, no sugar or carbs – what do all these have in common? They’re all nutrition myths and questionable advice you probably see online that leave you feeling lost and confused about what to believe when it comes to health and nutrition.


In today’s episode, I sit down with Elaina Efird, a registered dietitian and eating disorders specialist, as she becomes your guide through this confusing health maze.


Elaina shares how she uses the power of social media to challenge convincing yet inaccurate nutrition claims especially those linked to eating disorders. We’ll dive into her expert insights as she unpacks the complexities of nutrition myths (yes, carbs are still on the menu) and offers reliable, evidence-based information.


Get ready for practical strategies for navigating the confusing landscape of social media, nutrition, and eating disorders while tackling inaccurate nutrition claims head-on. If you’re health-obsessed and want to take your wellness to the next level without all the diet noise, you won’t want to miss this episode!




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In this episode we cover:

01:55 Eating disorders and disordered eating.

03:26 Misinformation on social media.

09:38 Labeling food as good or bad.

12:29 Fighting misinformation in nutrition.

16:07 Eating disorders and stigma.

22:48 Healing relationship with food.

28:19 Cutting out food groups.

32:08 Governing bodies and misinformation.

36:23 Influencer integrity and brand deals.

39:09 Trusting Intuitive eating habits.

42:19 Health at every size and intuitive eating.

48:42 Consistency in meal planning.

52:33 Virginia Tech’s obsession.

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