10 Ways To Feel Confident In Your Bathing Suit This Summer

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We’re officially in ‘bikini season’ and although those two words no longer make me cringe, I still clearly remember a time when I was filled with disappointment that another diet left me feeling anything but ready for summer. Yep, that’s right – I’ve totally been there until I discovered I didn’t have to diet before every summer anymore.


Today, I’m getting real about how you can get back to loving your body and make those crazy quick-fix diets a thing of the past! Forget all those magazines that push insane juice cleanses and get ready for 10 sustainable tips to feel confident in your bathing suit this summer that I honestly wish I’d known sooner.


In this episode, I spill the tea on how focusing on healthy habits and learning to love myself in the process helped me navigate a 65-pound weight loss, keep it off, and become my strongest self physically AND emotionally every season, especially during summer.


Tune in and get ready to love a healthier but already beautiful YOU this summer and beyond!




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In this episode we cover:

00:00 Embrace your body, enjoy summer confidently.

06:51 Choose swimwear that boosts your confidence.

09:44 Prioritize health, positive influences, and self-love.

11:11 Shift focus to body positivity, find support.

16:11 Celebrate your wins.

18:03 Embrace mindful eating for a balanced life.

21:58 Gratitude for growth, coaching, and commitment.

26:20 Enjoy summer and love yourself.

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