Mastering Weight Loss and PCOS With Cory Ruth

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Navigating weight loss with PCOS can be a different type of stressful – trust me I get it. You hear the words gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and they leave you wondering, ‘What can I actually eat?!’


Today we’re here to tackle those fears head-on as I sit down with Cory Ruth, a women’s health dietitian and PCOS expert! She’s dishing some valuable insight and helping us bridge that oh-so-far gap between medical advice and real-life application when pursuing a healthy lifestyle.


In this episode, she shares her personal journey navigating the challenges of PCOS from irregular periods and weight struggles to the crazy rollercoaster of symptoms and finding a workout routine that works best for her. She highlights the importance of having the right support system, prioritizing mental health, and taking vitamins and supplements tailored to your individual needs.


Tune in and get ready for all the tips you’ve been searching for to start turning your setbacks into actionable steps to get you sustainably losing weight.




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In this episode we cover:

00:00 Embracing challenges and career growth through learning.

07:26 Personal struggle with PCOS leads to empathy and connection with clients.

11:01 PCOS causes hair loss and high androgen levels.

19:30 Managing blood sugar helped in weight loss journey.

27:30 Challenges of gluten and dairy free dining.

30:41 Exercise led to weight gain and bloating.

35:47 Health pyramid: nutrition, supplements, unique symptoms.

39:00 Supplements for lower testosterone and androgens.

43:04 Connecting with nature for mental and physical well-being.

47:42 Empathy and hope through difficult times.

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