Pregnancy Update: My Weight Gain, Navigating Body Changes & Planning For Life With 2 Kids

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If you’ve been following along my weekly episodes, you know that we’re getting super close to baby boy Kirschen making his grand entrance! With the big day just around the corner, I’m bringing you guys a special episode all about what my second pregnancy journey has been like.


Today, I’m answering your burning questions about my weight gain, body changes, preparing for maternity leave, and how I’m planning to navigate life with two kids while running a successful coaching business.


In this episode, I talk all about how I’ve handled pregnancy weight gain and learned to reframe my thoughts about the body changes I’ve experienced. I discuss the emotional challenges of transitioning from a weight loss dietitian to struggling with my own body/weight and learning to be patient throughout the process. After all, during a pregnancy we’re growing a human – amazing stuff am I right?!


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In this episode we cover:

00:00 Weight loss journey during second pregnancy.

08:37 Self-conscious about veins on left leg.

12:43 Irony in advice, rest, pregnancy, pelvic therapy.

13:24 Prioritizing pelvic floor health during pregnancy.

18:53 Pregnancy updates and seeking advice for raising two.

20:26 Supportive work and leaning on family.

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